August 18-19, 2018 | Sheraton Overland Park Hotel

KCHRS 2015 Conference Highlights

Topics and Speakers

Session I

Welcome – Dr. Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy

 Advanced Heart Failure Management – Role of Dynamic Intracardiac Pressure Monitors and Ventricular Assist DevicesDr. Thomas Deering

Improving the Efficacy of CRT Implant – Quadripolar LV Leads, Atrioventricular Timing Intervals and Other Methods of OptimizationDr. Eduardo Saad

Ablation as Salvation – Improving CRT Response by Targeting Cardiac ArrhythmiasDr. Luigi Di Biase

DFT Testing – Is it still Relevant in 2015?Dr. Mark Kroll

 Session II

KU Pioneers in Cardiovascular Electrophysiology Award –Keynote Address – Dr. Jeremy Ruskin

Management of Lead Failures – Why, What and How?Dr. Loren Berenbom

Leadless Pacemakers –What Have We Learned in the Past Two YearsDr. Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy

Session III

Heart Rhythm Monitors – State of the State in Injectable, Wearable and Adhesesable Devices Dr. Rhea Pimentel

Generator Replacements in Primary Prevention ICD Indication – Time to Re-apprise the Continued Need for Defibrillator Therapy Dr. Venkat Tholakanahalli

Can Capsulectomy During Generator Changes Decrease the Risk of Pocket Infections?Dr. Raghuveer Dendi    

Biological Pacemakers, Cardiac Regeneration and Gene Therapy in 2015Dr. Kevin Donahue

Panel Discussion         

Session IV

Debate: Everyone Should Get the Special MRI Compatiable Cardiac Device Because We Cannot Scan  the Old Regular DevicesDr. Harikrishna Tandri and Dr. Jared Bunch

Subcutaneous ICDs – What They Can and Can’t Do? Dr. Martin Emert

Session V

LAA Exclusion – Watchman, LARIAT, and Atriclip – When and How? Dr. Moussa Mansour

Novel Oral Anticoagulants – Trials, Triumphs and TribulationsDr. Daniel Singer

Periprocedural Management of Anticoagulation and Antiplatelet Agents in EP PracticeDr. Douglas Packer

Debate: Left Atrial Appendage Exclusion Should be Offered Only to Patients with are High Risk for Bleeding and Stroke Dr. Vivek Reddy and Dr. Young Hoon Kim

2:15 pm      Panel Discussion                           

 Session VI

Effective Utilization of Cardiac CT, MRI, TEE and ICE for EP Procedures – Tips from the ExpertDr. Kalyanam Shivkumar       

Atrial Substrate Rotors in Atrial Fibrillation – Myth or Truth? Dr. Eric Buch

What has Changed in SVT Ablation since the 1990s and How to Manage an Unusual SVT?Dr. John Di Marco

LAA Exclusion – The Impact on Stroke Risk, Atrial Arrhythmias, Atrial Reservoir and Neuroendocrine FunctionDr. Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy

Session VII

Role of Anesthesiologist in the EP World – Sedation, Ventilation, Nerve Blocks and MoreDr. Jason Mensh

 AF Burden and Stroke Risk: Does AF Really Cause Strokes?Dr. Daniel Singer

Cardiac Dysautonomia – Teasing out the Differences and Specializing in Therapies Dr. Tom Deering

Genetic Testing for Inherited Arrhythmias Syndromes – Better Clinical Care or Intrusion of Privacy?Dr. George Van Hare

My Most Interesting Cases Dr. Madhu Reddy and Dr. Sanjaya Gupta

Session VIII

Dr. Manohar Sai Gowda Young Investigator Cardiovascular Research Award

 Session IX

Debate: We Should Increase Hemodynamic Support for VT AblationDr. Vivek Reddy and Kalyanam Shivkumar

VT Ablation in 2015 Fact Check – Focused Targeted Treatment or Widespread substrate Modification?Dr. Jared Bunch

Maximizing Success Rates of Ventricular Arrhythmias from Difficult Anatomic Sites – Notes from the Master BlasterDr. Douglas Packer

Epicardial Ablation – Access, Mapping and Ablation – Improving Safety and EfficacyDr. Young Hoon Kim

Autonomic Modulation for the Treatment of Atrial FibrillationDr. Sonny Jackman

Session X

Understanding the Atrial Substrate – Scar, Triggers, Gangia and RotorsDr. Luigi Di Biase

Contact Force in Radiofrequency Ablation – True Gains or Merely Added Procedural Costs?  — Dr. Moussa Mansour

Role of Scar Assessment for AF Ablation – The Known and Unknown Dr. Harikrishna Tandri

Role of AV Node Ablation for AF Treatment in 2015 – When and Who? Dr. Eduardo Saad

 Session XI

How to Raise the Ceiling on the Treatment Success in Patient with non-Paroxysmal AF?Dr. David Wilber

Primary Prevention of AF – Can it become a Reality or an Eternal Dream?Dr. Jeremy Ruskin

Pleasures of Life and AF: Coffee, Alcohol, Exercise and More Dr. Madhu Reddy

 Session XII (Non CME)

Vision 2020: Updates from Industry PartnersDr. Kenneth Stein, Dr. Mark Carlson, Dr. Marlou Janssen, Dr. David Steinhaus, Dr. Mark Dickinson




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