KCHRS Highlights 2016

Multipolar Left Ventricle Pacing – The New Trick in the Heart Failure Magic Show – Dr. Jie Cheng
Vagal Nerve Stimulation in Heart Failure – Dr. Michael Gold
Optimization of Heart Failure Treatment and CRT Response – Role of Ablation – Dr. Amin Al-Ahmad
Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Failure – Are We There Yet? – Dr. Buddhadeb Dawn
HIS Bundle Pacing or CRT for Heart Failure: Discovering New Methods for an Old Problem – Dr. Pugal Vijayaraman
Pioneers in Cardiovascular Electrophysiology Award – Dr. Hein Wellens
How to Minimize Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Device (CIED) Infections – Capsulectomy, Antibiotic Pouch and More – Dr. Marye Gleva
Leadless Pacemakers – Implant, Explant and Long-Term Safety and Efficacy Data – Dr. Paul Friedman
Session 2 Panel Discussion
Esophageal Injury During AF Ablation – Prevention, Diagnosis and Management – Dr. Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy
Subcutaneous Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator’s (ICD) – Are They a Viable Alternative to Conventional ICD’s? – Dr. Loren Berenbom
Wearable External Defibrillators – Everyone Should be Bridging with One While They are Waiting to Meet Guideline Based ICD Therapy – Dr. Marty Emert and Dr. Gerald Nacarrelli
Session 3 Panel Discussion
Understanding Cardiac Anatomy – Effective Utilization of Cardiac CT, MRI, 3D TEE and Intracardiac Echocardiography (ICE) for EP Procedures – Dr. Douglas Packer
Managing Cardiac Dysautonomia – NCS-POTS – IST and More – Tips From the Experts – Dr. Melvin Scheinman
How to Incorporate Heart Rhythm Monitors – Implantable, Wearable, Stickable Devices in Your Clinical Practice – Dr. Moussa Mansour
Managing the 4th Dimension of the Heart – The Epicardial Space. Anatomy, Access, Navigation, Inflammatio – Tools and Experience – Dr. Madhu Reddy
Session 4 Panel Discussion
Left Atrial Appendage (LAA) Exclusion Does Not Confer Much Stroke and Bleeding Benefit Compared to Novel Oral Anticoagulants – Dr. Mevan Wijetunga and Dr. Randall Lee
Left Atrial Appendage Exclusion – Review of the Tool Kit for the Appendageologist – Dr. Paul Friedman
Protean Bystander Effects of LAA Exclusion Beyond Stroke – Dr. Randall Lee
Session 5 Panel Discussion
Interesting Cases – Dr. Melvin Scheinman and Dr. Gerald Nacarelli
Manohar Gowda Sai Memorial Young Investigator Awards
Hemodynamic Support is Very Important During Ventricular Tachycardia (VT) Ablation – Dr. Douglas Packer and Dr. Moussa Mansour
Adjunctive Therapies for Improving Success Rates on Non-Paroxysmal AF – Non-Pulmonary Vein (PV) Trigger Ablations, LAA Ligation, Vein of Marshall Ablation and More – Dr. Moussa Mansour
Arrhythmic Inflammatory Cardiomyopathy: Unveiling a New Syndrome of Ventricular Arrhythmias and Myocardial Inflammation – Dr. Kalyanam Shivkumar
Intravenous Sotalol – Re-Introducing a Forgotten Agent to the EP Therapeutic Arsenal – Dr. Raskesh Gopinathannair
Updates on 3D Mapping Systems in the EP Lab – Carto, Velocity, Rhythmia, Topera, etc. – Dr. Amin Al-Ahmad
Life Style Modifications for Cardiac Rhythm Disorders – Weight Loss, Vegetarianism, Yoga and More – Dr. John Day
Session 9 Panel Discussion
Intravenous Sotalol – Reintroducing a Forgotten Agent to the EP Therapeutic Arsenal – Dr. Rakesh Gopinathannair
Genetic Testing for Inherited Arrhythmia Syndromes and Cardiomyopathies – Dr. Rhea Pimentel
Balloon Based Therapies for Pulmonary Vein Isolation – Dr. Thomas Deering
SCAR VT Ablation – Is SCAR Homogenization a Better Strategy than Induce Map Ablation Techniques – Dr. Douglas Packer
Session 10 Panel Discussion
Atrial Fibrillation and Dementia – Dr. John Day
Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea for Improving Outcomes of AF Therapy – Dr. Andrea Natale
AF Surgery – Status 2016 – Dr. Gansevoort Dunnington
Session 11 Panel Discussion

KCHRS 2021


August  21-22, 2021
Overland Park Convention Center